Beginning with Reflections

by: Joan Meyler

365 days have passed since the vision book was created.   Now I sit gazing at the year that has passed. A torrent of memories come rushing back. Experiencesunexpected and unwelcomed along with the longed for and celebrated manifestations. 

Examining these encounters, I realize that I am reverting to my humanity, using my intellect and my emotion in my conversation with God. We reflect on the experiences of 2018; the world I have created with my thoughts, words and actions. As we discuss each, God asks, “what do you call this one?”

Names are important. Words have life. We, God and I, 
go through each event – the ones that have broken my strong-willed determination in doing things my way as well as the ones that have been easy and painless as I released my will to God’s. The name I give each experience determines its effect on me and how I respond to the world around me. I can choose to be in aharmonious pleasant state of mind containing all possibilities for achieving favorable results in my life. I can also fail to recognize that there is no failure in God’s nature and condemn myself.

Turning back the pages of my vision book, I come to understand and accept that there is good in each experience. I choose to allow the light of God to shine on, in and through me as I see the good in all my experiences.



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