Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?

by: Joan Meyler


The fingers of dawn barely fold back the shadows when “whooo, whooo”, calls me awake.  I’m not ready”, I respond nestling deeper into the folds of sleep still clouding my mind.

“But you must,” chirps the lizard in the corner where ceiling meets wall over the window.   Having done its dirty work, the owl flys away, “Whoo, whoo, whoo,” trailing in the stillness behind it.  I’m now fully awake.  Yet I lay there in the silence, listening.

As I lay listening, I hear the wind with its gentle breeze greet the day and birds sing their greeting one to another.  In the silence the sound of the Creator’s handiwork praised Him for its existence.  My thoughts turned to those who desperately search for someone who would listen to them.  Not just hear with the intent to respond, but truly listen to the heart’s cry; words that are silently shouted while the heart breaks from a desperate need.

It is easy to become lost in a world of sound.  The noise which surrounds us becomes familiar.  We miss it when it’s not there, the sounds of silence seem deafening.  But what about the whispers of God?  Do we become so used to the screams of the world that we can no longer hear the Shepard’s voice?  (John 10: 27, Romans 10:17)

I am learning to listen.  Not just to hear sound and respond to it, but to be alert and ready to hear with discernment, with intensity.   I don’t want to miss what I need to hear.   How about you?



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