A Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation


by: Joan Meyler

For the past month I have been driving pass a house under construction.  I watched as the land was cleared, the foundation marked, and concrete poured. All appeared as it should to my eyes. One day I had company as I drove my usual route.  Seeing the beginning of this house, my companion comment, “that’s a low foundation, three bricks high is not enough”.

“It looks okay to me,” I replied. “Why do you think it should be higher?”

He responded, “It rains very heavily in this area. The foundation needs to be at least twice as high to avoid flooding”.

That got me thinking. . . As children we depend on our parents to guide us (Proverbs 22:6), eventually we get to the place where we make our own decisions. Sometimes our decisions are well thought-out and wise sometimes not. Some of our habits even trap us in destructive behaviors (Romans 3:23) and we find ourselves in need of a place of refuge.  During those times of difficulty, in the dark experiences of life, what do we rely on? How is the foundation on which we are building our life? Is it able to withstand the challenges we face?

The 91st Psalm tells us of God’s willingness to protect, provide, support and deliver us. Without a belief in God and the faith which comes from our relationship with Him, we become blown and battered by the winds of life. These winds may cause cracks in our foundation (ability to stand firm, untroubled by life’s challenges) however as these cracks become filled with faith our relationship with God deepens into one of trust. The storms no longer threaten to flood our lives as we find ourselves firmly planted and supported by that impenetrable rock.

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