What is Your Brand

by: Joan Meyler

There is a lot of talk lately about product branding, even personal branding. Branding in this sense, is described as promoting a product or service by identifying with said product. This is like being known by the friends you keep, who you emulate, etc. Branding is not new, it is as been around for a long time. Joshua addressed this topic with the Hebrews when he told them to choose who they would serve (Joshua 24:14,15). Can you imagine seeing the majestic power of God demonstrated over and over in your life yet still choosing to hold on to gods of your enemies or own making?  That is what the Hebrews were doing. Unfortunately, the problem of idolatry still exists today in the form of anything we give more importance to than we give to God.

In Second Chronicles 7:14, as the people lamented to God, they were reminded that they had created their own problem by rejecting His “brand”. In His mercy, then and now, God gives us the steps to success; the path to change our circumstances. I am sure some rejected His offer then, just as some do today.

Why is it important to be known by God’s name (or a disciple of Christ)? Webster defines Disciple as someone who follows or demonstrates the teaching of another. In other words, we demonstrate His brand. Jesus’s earthly ministry showed us just how to do that.  Demonstrating God’s brand begins with salvation and continues with a daily living of our faith. Prior to his ascension, Jesus taught his followers (disciples) about the coming of the Holy Spirit and the role He would play in their lives.  He also advised them of the Holy Spirit’s three-fold ministry in the world:

To convict the unbeliever of sin by opening their spiritual eyes so that they might know

that Jesus is both God and Savior

To cause the unbeliever to see the insufficiency of their own righteousness and their need for the righteousness of Christ

To cause the unbeliever to recognize that their accuser, Satan, is already defeated; they are no longer condemned. (John 16: 7-17)

Just how do we demonstrate God’s Brand? When we accept the Holy Spirit in our lives, we become empowered. The Holy Spirit acts as Christ’s presence on earth, encouraging and counseling us as we battle against the forces of this world. We are given special abilities which prepare us for service to benefit and build up the body of Christ.

(1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4:12)

Are you demonstrating God’s Brand or your own?

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