From Resurrection to Empowerment

By: Joan Meyler

For some, change is painful, unwanted; yet others welcome even embrace it.  Our experiences all point to change.  A new life. Not turn back the clock; but use our disappointment and pain to move the hands forward past the hurts. We try ways to turn the scars into a soothing balm.  Nothing works, the pain persists. We long for the place where we can emerge fresh, clean, wise and free of the pain of our past.  Jesus’s disciples believed they knew all there was to know about him. They had spent three action-packed years in intense training, having their understanding and knowledge of what they knew and thought they knew stretched beyond recognition. Then He had the audacity to die a criminal!  Their hopes, dreams, expectations dashed beyond recognition.

Jesus and a lady

The disappointment in His death, the pain and grief of loss ringing in their ears and hearts as the tomb was sealed; their hopes seemed dashed. But, ever faithful, Jesus kept his promise of resurrection and brought change to their lives. Once again, He proved himself to be who he said he was.  When we accept Christ as our savior, we also experience change.  There is a death that takes place within us and while we rejoice in our salvation, there is the dispelling of beliefs and practices which must be released before resurrection can take place. For forty days following his resurrection, Jesus continued to teach the disciples.  In secret! No one knows exactly what He taught them, but we can speculate that the lessons involved a review of what they already knew but had yet to practice.

Like toddlers on wobbly legs, we begin our new life seeking the Kingdom. Struggling against our old way of life, gaining trust and confidence as Jesus reveals truth to us. After the resurrection, the disciples felt joy, but they were also afraid. They, too, walked on wobbly legs. They also had to gain trust and confidence; have their faith increased.  Can you imagine the look on their faces when Jesus told them he would leave once more? It’s the same look on your face when you learn salvation is not the end, but the beginning. How blessed we are, that Jesus did not leave us without guidance.  The disciples did not wait idly for the coming of the Holy Spirit, they waited faithfully, prayerfully, trusting yet were surprised with the power trusted to them with His coming. This same power is available to us as we also faithfully, prayerfully, trustingly open ourselves to the introduction of the Holy Spirit; the one who walks alongside and teaches us all things.

Luke 24:49, John 14:26

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