A Time for Everything

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A Time and a Season

by: Joan Meyler

I’ve had occasion to attend several funerals recently and have been aware of even more persons who have transitioned from this world to the next, some very unexpectedly.  As disconcerting as some of these have been, I listened to family and friends share their experiences and memories of the life their loved one lived.  These testimonies brought about a greater awareness of God among us; in the life of the deceased, in the lives of grieving family and friends, and in the life of the on-lookers.

Ecclesiastes 3 shares the seasonality of life and listening to my friends speak of their relationship with the deceased, I was reminded of the “great crowd of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1 and came to the realization that these witnesses are not isolated in a vacuum. They are us; the family spending time together, creating and sharing memories, learning to worship together, being vulnerable. Over and over throughout each celebration of life, daughters spoke of how their fathers demonstrated Christian principles without even trying, mothers teaching children to pray as they went about their daily tasks.  These men and women lived an ordinary life that became extraordinary because of their relationship with the One with whom a thousand years is but a day (2 Peter 3:8).

During the season of Lent, some of us have chosen to participate in a form on self-denial and spiritual discipline through fasting and prayer. As I reflect on these extraordinary lives lived by ordinary people, I pose these question to myself and you:

What do you hope to accomplish through fasting and prayer?

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of God’s word and work in your life?

Are you seeking a more trusting relationship, one moving your faith from Savior to Lord?

I pray that as we travel through this Lenten season, we emerge transformed into the extraordinary people God created us to be.

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