What Does Trust have to do with it?

by: Joan Meyler

What does Trust have to do with it?

You have faith in God, don’t you? Would I be wrong if I said you were very faithful? What about trust? You would probably say, “Of course I do”.  But do you really”.   We are told in Proverbs 3:5 to “put your trust in the Lord and . . . “ and not to depend on what we understand.  This is not talking about having faith or devotion in God’s abilities; but being bold, confident, reliant and secure that God will manifest that which has been promised.


Let’s look at Elijah, a man of faith. God sent him to the Brook of Cherith (place of separation) where he was fed by ravens and later to the widow of Zarephath. Elijah’s devotion to God was tested by the removal from the place he was familiar with. What he knew no longer made sense, so he had to change his thoughts. There had to be a manifestation of his faith in his thoughts and actions. In other words, Elijah had to be confident and secure in the knowledge that God would keep him alive and safe.  It was only then that God could use him in this woman’s life.  It was the same with the widow of Zarephath.  She was ready to eat her last meal and die of starvation. Yet, when she met Elijah, she followed his instructions with the confidence (trust) that God would answer her prayers for provision.  Elijah had to sit and wait (a most difficult thing to do) until God thought he was ready to be used.  The widow had to be confident in God’s ability to provide for her and her son even though all she could physically see was what she was lacking. Once their faith (devotion) was manifested in their actions (trust), they were now open for God to express his creativity and provision through them.


May I encourage you to trust (be bold, confident, reliant and secure) that God will manifest that which has been promised as you exercise your faith (devotion) and walk in the abundance of God’s provision. (James 2:14-26)


Brief exercise: Read 1Kings 17:7-16. Make a list comparing yourself with the Widow and/or Elijah

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